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Our Goal
    Footprint Ministry is here to walk with you through life's biggest moments. Our mission is to create unique ceremonies that celebrate and honor the gifts of life and love.  We are here for people of all faiths, spiritual backgrounds, and those who do not practice a religion.  Footprint Ministry is dedicated to developing a ceremony that that tells your story in your style.  After all, the greatest story ever told... is your own.  

Funeral and Memorial Services 
    A funeral or memorial service should celebrate the life choices made, the relationships shared, and honor the memory of your loved one. 

    In addition to incorporating any religious or cultural traditions that are important to you, Footprint Ministry will work with you to plan a service filled with personalized details just for you or your loved one.  From time-honored traditions to modern ideas to personal photographs to favorite readings and special songs, you can design the service to be a unique reflection of the life it honors.

   Footprint Ministry knows a funeral or memorial service makes a significant difference in how family and friends channel their grief toward health and healing. A meaningful service allows the community to gather and responds to the reality that a loved one has passed, and also to the reality that those remaining will need support, compassion, love, hope, and understanding. A Footprint Ministry service encourages you to remember the love that was shared and celebrate the life of the individual. 

Baby Blessings
    The arrival of a new baby is one of life's happiest moments.  A baby blessing is a terrific way to welcome your little one into your family and celebrate the gift of life.   Footprint Ministry will work with you to create a beautiful ceremony that honors the the commitment of family, reflects on hopes and dreams, and celebrates the spirit of your child.  

"The greatest story ever told is your own."
     Your wedding ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to revisit the moments that have made up the beginning of your love story.  Footprint Ministry will write your love story into a personalized wedding ceremony.  Your ceremony should reflect your style, your vision, your beliefs, your hopes and dreams, and what you consider to be the most important aspects of your wedding day.
    For more information on weddings, you can also check out our other website  

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